What is FIGHT vitamins?

FIGHT vitamins is a brand of supplements designed to fill your nutritional gaps in an easy and tasty way.

What does FIGHT stands for?

Our name represent our mission: fighting for access to good nutrition for all. In the UK there are more than 7 million people living under malnutrition. We want to end that. For every bottle you buy we donate one meal to people in need via our partner, charity FareShare.

How does the meal donation work?

For every bottle you buy we donate the cost for UK Charity, FareShare to redistribute one nutritious meal. FareShare collect surplus food from across the UK and redistributes it to over 11,000 charities, who turn it into meals for their vulnerable clients.

Who is FareShare?

FareShare, the UK’s longest-running food redistribution charity. FareShare collects, organises, and redistributes surplus food to over 11,000 charities nationwide who turn it into nutritious meals for vulnerable people across the UK. They have been fighting hunger in the UK for over 25 years.

Who can take FIGHT vitamins & nutrients?

This product is intended for adults above the age of 18. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or under medical supervision, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use. Kids should not take this product, so please keep it out of their sight.

Where should I store my vitamins?

It is best to store each bottle in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight like in your kitchen or bathroom cabinet. Try to store in a place with less than 25C.

When should I take my vitamins?

Honestly, anytime during the day!

Our suggestion is try to link it to a daily habit that you already have, like brushing your teeth or drinking your morning coffee, so you don't forget!

Just remember, these are food supplements, so they are intended to supplement the diet and should not substitute a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Can I recycle the packaging?

At FIGHT we believe in creating the minimum impact to the environment whilst supporting your healthy balanced diet. Our Box is fully recyclable, but before throwing it away think of the many ways you can re-use it!

Before throwing away our bottle, please remove the wad from the cap, so you will ensure that it will be recycled as well in the best way.

Why should I buy FIGHT vitamins?

At FIGHT we combine science-backed ingredients, easy and tasty way to get your vitamins and clear language, so you know what you are going to get.

Where do you produce your vitamins?

Our gummies are made in Germany, whilst our tablets are made in the UK. We make sure that our products are manufactured to the highest standard to provide the best possible experience to you.

How many gummies should i take every day?

You should have two gummies a day, together or separate it's up to you!

How much sugar is present in the gummies?

Our daily dose (two gummies a day) contains only 2g of sugar. Keep in mind that the recommended amount of sugar for an adult is 30g a day!

How many calories per gummy?

Two of our gummy, our daily dose, has only 24kcal. No guilt here, staying healthy made easy.

Are the vitamins vegan?

Yes, all of our vitamins are vegan and our gummies have the V-label stamp.

Do i need to take the gummies with water?

Not necessarely, you can have them on your own! Just chew and enjoy

How small are your tablets?

We have micro tablets, only 4mm in diamater, definitely easy to take with a glass of water.

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